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 Nestled at the base of Mt. Mitchell, where clean water flows abundantly, you'll find Open Ridge Farm.  From fruit and nut trees to vegetables and hot peppers, we work to build healthy soil through regenerative methods, providing nutrient-dense food for our community.  Our sauces are built around the flavors of the peppers we carefully cultivate each year, crafted in small batches right here on our farm.  We are passionate about our gardens and our hot sauce, and you can taste that in every bottle!


Our hot sauce was "Born in the Tropics, Raised in the Mountains"; we met on a permaculture farm in Costa Rica, where Jona first started making hot sauce, utilizing our farm-grown habanero-related peppers and our homemade banana vinegar.  Farm volunteers and visitors fell in love!  We eventually moved back to the US, and started our own farm at the base of the highest peak east of the Mississippi, Mt. Mitchell.


Organic, Open Ridge Farm-grown Peppers and organic lemon juice. Only real food ingredients, and only five of them.

Never any artificial stabilizers or preservatives.



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Trifecta of Sauces

Pica Rica

Our flagship sauce! Created for spice lovers, Pica Rica has all the beauty of the habanero pepper - very spicy, but with notes of sweetness.

Jalapeno Peppers Open Ridge Farm Pica Verde

Pica Verde

Pica Verde is zesty, bright, medium level hot sauce.  We bring out the flavor of this classic hot pepper with plenty of lemon juice -- perfect for starting your morning, or starting your hot sauce addiction.

Pica Chipotle

After harvest, we slow-smoke our jalapeños over our apple wood, creating an authentic smokey flavor, complimented by mesquite smoked sea salt.  A step up in heat and thickness from "Pica Verde".

Where to find our Sauce?


"Thumbs up from a few Mexicans here in California!!!!!  Keep up the great work and I will be trying the other flavors!!"

-Martin, CA


"Wow wow wow!  Pica Rica!  What a sauce!  I put it on pizza tonight.  I was singing!  It has such great flavor.  Definitely hotter than the Pica Verde which is what I was looking for.  I was needing a solid hot sauce like this in my life.  It's hot and you feel it but it's a nice even burn!  Thank you very much!"

-Alyse, NC



"I tasted the Pica Verde sauce at King Daddy's in West Asheville. It is truly one of the best tasting hot sauces I've ever had!"

- Ryan, NC


"We first tried [your sauce] at Early Girl Eatery on our first trip to Asheville! My husband and I are originally from Texas and are both hispanic and grew up eating lots of salsa and hot sauce, and we were just floored by how delicious your hot sauce was! Looking forward to restocking every few months, haha!"  -Jamellah, TN


"Your hot sauce is awesome. I use your Pica on everything.  Can't wait to try the ghost and reaper.  Keep doing what you're doing.  Thanks again.  I'm a fan." - Patrick, KY



"I had your delicious hot sauce at Early Girl. Added to the veggie breakfast bowl. So delicious- and I'm not easy to please! Thanks for your note. Customer for life!! "  - Joan, VA


"We had breakfast at the Early Girl in Asheville and they brought the chipotle sauce with our food. My husband loved it! We are always happy to buy from local businesses." Karen, NC


"LOVE your sauce and usually am stocked up when in FLA but have stayed too long this time"  - Ann, FL


"Thanks- the sauce is awesome.  My grandfather (87) wants more, so these are for him." - Cor, CA




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