Produce Availability

You can order directly from this website when you receive the "Store Open" email prompt.  Please sign up on our "Contact Us" page to be notified when the store is open!  


Unless otherwise stated in the email newsletter, our pre-order times/days/locations will be:

  • Monday store opens at 3 PM: for Tuesday afternoon pickups from the farm (4-6 pm pickup)
  • Thursday store opens at 3 PM: for Saturday Roses Parking lot (9:30-10:30 AM) OR Friday afternoon farm pickup after 4:30 PM (pick location when checking out)

Payment options:
  • Venmo - We are @Gretchen-Ferrell on Venmo. (last 4 digits 7073)
  • Paypal - please only transfer money via "friends and family" to avoid fees.  We are
  • Check - we will have a box for you to deposit checks into when you pick up.
  • Cash - we will aim to have change available for you; can also start an account page with your credit.

Pica Verde + Sidecar

One regular-side bottle of Pica Verde, plus a "Sidecar", which will refill it THREE times!


  • Limited Availability

Pica Rica + Sidecar

One bottle of Pica Rica, plus a refill "sidecar" equal to 3 full refills!


  • Limited Availability

Farm-to-Bottle Hot Sauce

Drop-down menu has options.

Pica Rica:  This sauce if for the spice lover!  Pica Rica has all the beauty of the habanero pepper: very spicy, but with notes of sweetness. All of our sauces are made with only whole food ingredients, utilizing organic lemon juice and our farm-grown peppers as the base. 

Pica Verde is our jalapeño-based hot sauce; Adds a zesty, bright, medium-level spice.

Pica Verde Chipotle: we slow smoke the jalapeños over apple wood, and add a little mesquite smoked sea salt!  A small step up in heat from the regular "Verde".

Pica Chipotle This "" version of the original has the addition of our smoked orange "glow" sweet peppers.  Slightly milder, with a deliciously different flavor profile.

Pica Reaper: A step up in spice from "Pica Rica", and a different flavor profile.  Showcasing the Carolina Reaper pepper, but also including jalapeño and habanero peppers.  Not novelty hot.

Pica Rica Ghost: Utilizing 1/3 "Ghost" peppers, this is a spicy sauce, but with a totally different flavor profile than the Reaper.